What is Tree Pruning and Why it is Important?

tree pruning

Critters would come into your property when they can find food to eat or a place to stay. Tree branches are a favorite among critters, which is why tree pruning is very important. This is done every year or so depending on the growth of the tree. When branches are properly trimmed or pruned, there would be fewer places for these critters to hide.

Overgrown trees are favorite places to hide for these critters. And so whenever a tree seems to be overgrown already, you may call for tree pruning, tree trimming, tree maintenance or tree removal services depending on what kind of service you require.

Pruning is a horticulture procedure crucial for the care of trees. Residential trees, in particular, require pruning for structural growth. The purpose of pruning is to remove the defective, dead, rotten, non-productive, and flimsy tissues from the trees.

Different trees require a different type of pruning, and therefore it is vital to understand the four main methods and techniques of tree pruning.

Tree Pruning Methods and Techniques:

  • Raising: Pruning the tree with raining methods means removing the lower branches of the tree to provide a more unobstructed view of the buildings and signboards.
  • Reduction: The growth and height of the tree are reduced in this particular type of pruning. It is usually done to prevent a tree from overgrowing and damaging the nearby property.
  • Thinning: A tree is thinning to allow sunlight and air to pass through it to the property. It is a very common method of pruning in the urban area.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning is yet another common type of pruning that is done to remove dead and unwanted tissues from the tree.

Why is pruning important?

Pruning is a crucial process when it comes to ensuring the good health of a tree. A tree pruned with the right intensity is likely to be healthier and greener. Pruning is also important from the safety point of view. Having a tree pruned seasonally means restricting the tree from outgrowing and damaging the property.

Besides pruning, you can also protect the tree from any disease and prevent the tree from causing any damage to the nearby property. You can do the pruning by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. The professionals are well versed with the skills and pruning equipment that you can take advantage of by calling them to your property.

Tree pruning is one of the most effective animal prevention methods you can consider for your property. Just make sure you are calling licensed professionals for assistance.