Can a Fence Stop Wild Animals from Entering My Property?

fence wild animals

Preventing wild animals from entering the property can be challenging, irrespective of where your house is located. Fencing has proven to stop the wild animals give you chose the right size and type of fencing. For instance, lower fencing won’t help keep deer away from entering your yard. So here we are with a list of fencing you can choose to keep wild animals away.

1. Electric Fence: If bears and deers are a problem in your area, having an electric fence can add safety to your property. Attach a bait on the fence to allow the bear to explore the characteristic of the fence by touching and licking it. An un-baited electric fence can be dangerous for the bear. In case coyotes are the cause of worry in the neighborhood, add a fence mesh to the electric fence. Coyotes can jump over the fence, so have one electrified wire 8 inches of the ground and 6 to 8 inches from the mesh fence to discourage jumping.

Effective Animal Prevention

Effective Animal Prevention

Many of us are animal lovers. We like pets such as dogs and cats and we love having them around. However, there are some wild animals that would wander into our properties uninvited and they are not supposed to be there at all. They are called wild animals for reason. They are undomesticated and can unexpectedly harm humans without any warning. And so especially if you live in an area where wild animals are commonly found, it is best to learn more about effective animal prevention.

First of all, you have to find out how the animals are entering your property. Not all of us have concrete walls or narrow fences that can keep these animals out. And since they are wild animals, they can come in without any warning or without any control. If this is the case, then you simply have to find out how they got into your property and catch or capture them from that area.

You can also ask for help from an animal removal contractor, one who is licensed and experienced, so that they can capture this animal for you. If you fail to capture the animal, and if they are no longer in your property, then it’s best to just prevent them from coming back.

If there are holes or cracks in the structure of your home where they could have entered, then you have to fix or repair these holes and cracks so that they cannot enter again. You must also organize your home, remove any trash or garbage that is laying around, and you must not give them any reason to come into your property. These critters love coming into residences and commercial areas because of the abundance of food and water sources. So to make them go away or not come at all, make sure that they have no way to find the food and water in your property.

How Do Animals Get Into My Home

So many residents are having animal problems every now and then. At times it gets difficult to get rid of all of them permanently and sometimes it also becomes very costly. But one may wonder how do animals get into my home in the first place? Is there any way to prevent them from coming in at all?

Since we are talking about wild animals, we know for a fact that they are not domesticated or trained at all. There is no way to control them and most of the time, we have no idea what to expect from them. Different kinds of critters have different ways of entering homes. Some of them are small enough to fit into cracks and crevices while others simply look for a way to get in. It gets even more damaging for your property if these critters would destroy parts of the structure just for them to get into your home.

How Do Animals Get Into My Home

Unless you live in a house with high concrete walls or narrow fences that are tall enough for critters not to squeeze themselves in, then it would be difficult to prevent them from getting into your property. If this is the case then it would be best if you would just make sure that they wouldn’t be able to go indoors. This is the least you can do to protect your family from illnesses and possible attacks from wild animals. Furthermore, once these critters get into your phone they can also damage your property.

So if you want these critters not to be attracted to your property at all, first of all, you should start cleaning up organizing the outdoor area. Make sure that all the garbage cans are covered and sealed tightly before you go to sleep at night and also make sure there are no places for these critters to take shelter or hide from you. Keep garage doors closed and your sheds locked as well.

To prevent them from getting indoors keep your doors shut and make sure that your windows are all closed tightly as well. Check screened areas whether there are any holes or damages that need fixing. Keeping critters away is not exactly the easiest thing to do especially if you live in an area where wild animals constantly wander about. But this doesn’t mean that you’re helpless as well. When you need help in detecting how these critters managed to get into your home or your property then get assistance from the pros in animal removal.