Can a Fence Stop Wild Animals from Entering My Property?

fence wild animals

Preventing wild animals from entering the property can be challenging, irrespective of where your house is located. Fencing has proven to stop the wild animals give you chose the right size and type of fencing. For instance, lower fencing won’t help keep deer away from entering your yard. So here we are with a list of fencing you can choose to keep wild animals away.

1. Electric Fence: If bears and deers are a problem in your area, having an electric fence can add safety to your property. Attach a bait on the fence to allow the bear to explore the characteristic of the fence by touching and licking it. An un-baited electric fence can be dangerous for the bear. In case coyotes are the cause of worry in the neighborhood, add a fence mesh to the electric fence. Coyotes can jump over the fence, so have one electrified wire 8 inches of the ground and 6 to 8 inches from the mesh fence to discourage jumping.

Humane Animal Removal

Humane Animal Removal

One of the first and foremost things when looking for a contractor to help you remove a wild animal from your property is their promise of humane animal removal. This means that while they aim to capture and remove an animal from your property, they will do it the most humane way possible – they will attempt to remove the animal without hurting it. Furthermore, they look for ways to relocate it to an area safe for the animal but far from your home.

This is the primary reason why you should call for an animal removal contractor than DIY the process of capturing an animal. When you try to capture an animal in your property on your own, you may attempt to do so with harmful traps that can hurt or even kill the animal. We’ve also seen some property owners using guns to get rid of wild animals that wander into their property. Animal Wildlife Trappers is a top company for animal removal and wildlife removal service. They have years of experience, and will also provide proper exclusion so the animals will not return.

Squirrel Removal in Residential Home

squirrel removal in residential house

Do you find squirrels adorable? Imagine a cute looking squirrel invading your house, tearing your stuff, and make its abode in your attic. Still adorable? Squirrels are cute looking rodents, but when they invade your house, they can cause severe damage to the insulation, furniture, floor, and more. Squirrels are often spotted late evening on their hunt for a home. If you spot a squirrel inside the house, it is time for you to take immediate action to get rid of it. And whenever you need squirrel removal in residential home, make sure you call a licensed contractor for assistance.

You can either take up professional help or set traps for the squirrel. It is highly recommended to hire an animal removal contractor as they have the tools to catch them and secure your house from any further damage. Most of these services providers provide a humane squirrel trapping method to remove squirrel from home.

As the name suggests, the humane squirrel trapping method is the method used to remove the squirrel is without harming it. A trap is placed smartly in the house where the presence of the squirrel is suspected. A bait for the squirrel is placed inside the trap. The squirrel, while trying to reach temptation enters the traps it automatically shuts down, and the squirrel in locked inside the trap. Later, the squirrel removal service expert would come and collect the trap to release the squirrel in a safe relocation area far from your home.

The professionals are careful in their trapping these critters and may even provide services to examine the habitat of the squirrel inside the house. If you are not sure of your home being infested by the squirrel, they can run several tests and find the location of the squirrel inside the house. The contractors have traps and techniques to remove the squirrel from home as quickly as possible. If you suspect your house to be infected by the squirrel, call the experts now for a quick assessment and for them to provide squirrel removal in residential home.

Are Raccoons Harmless?

are raccoons harmless

If you ever spot a raccoon around your home, you should know that your house and family health is in danger. The harm that a raccoon can cause on the house is not something widely known. Therefore, families fail to understand the urgency of getting the raccoon off their property. Read below to know as to how raccoons can damage your house and family health.

Raccoons may carry diseases and viruses: Just like other wild animals, raccoons carry diseases and germs that can be harmful to humans. Raccoon fleece may carry roundworms that may spread to your house. Roundworms may not harm you, but they can specifically harm your pet and plants. Besides, the urine of the raccoon contains Leptospirosis that may damage the human liver and kidney.

Raccoons can attack pets: If you have pets like dog and cat at home, you should be extra vigilant with raccoon presence as there have been cases of raccoon attacking the pets. Besides, a house with toddlers and infants should be alert, especially if they spot a raccoon around the house.

Raccoons are capable of destroying your property: A raccoon finds its abode in attics or basements. They can find a way in small spaces, build a nest, and cause damage to your home. They will urinate outside their nest and cause expensive damage to the inside of your home. Raccoons also love to dig for food and will dig up gardens in search of corn, peas, and other vegetables to eat. Protect your home and your property by having these animals removed from your house.

Raccoons are often spotted at night time as they are nocturnal. You may not locate them in the day time. If there is anything that hints at their presence, it is advisable to call for professional help before it is too late.

So anytime you spot a raccoon in your property, know that they aren’t as harmless as they seem. You must not also attempt to capture them on your own as they may attack without warning whenever they feel threatened. For professional assistance, make sure you’re reaching out to a licensed animal removal contractor that can help you capture and remove the raccoon. 

Effective Animal Prevention

Effective Animal Prevention

Many of us are animal lovers. We like pets such as dogs and cats and we love having them around. However, there are some wild animals that would wander into our properties uninvited and they are not supposed to be there at all. They are called wild animals for reason. They are undomesticated and can unexpectedly harm humans without any warning. And so especially if you live in an area where wild animals are commonly found, it is best to learn more about effective animal prevention.

First of all, you have to find out how the animals are entering your property. Not all of us have concrete walls or narrow fences that can keep these animals out. And since they are wild animals, they can come in without any warning or without any control. If this is the case, then you simply have to find out how they got into your property and catch or capture them from that area.

You can also ask for help from an animal removal contractor, one who is licensed and experienced, so that they can capture this animal for you. If you fail to capture the animal, and if they are no longer in your property, then it’s best to just prevent them from coming back.

If there are holes or cracks in the structure of your home where they could have entered, then you have to fix or repair these holes and cracks so that they cannot enter again. You must also organize your home, remove any trash or garbage that is laying around, and you must not give them any reason to come into your property. These critters love coming into residences and commercial areas because of the abundance of food and water sources. So to make them go away or not come at all, make sure that they have no way to find the food and water in your property.

Rat Removal Tips

Rats are very damaging critters as they bring viruses and bacteria along with them. They chew non-stop and can damage the structure of your home. They breed very quickly too. Within just a few months, one female rat can cause a serious infestation in your house. Therefore, it is best to learn more about the best rat removal tips. 

The tiny creatures creeping under your beds can be scary at first sight, but if not removed, they can damage your property and even spread disease. So, here is a list of the top five ways to remove the rats from your property.

rat removal tips

1. Keep the house clean: Well, that comes with you saying, keep the house neat and clean inside and out if you want to have a rat-free home. Rats often pervade the place that has lots of smelly stuff like rotten snacks on the floor.

2. Empty the Trash: Fragrant food in the trash would send a beacon to rodents on the outside. So, make sure to empty the trash before you go to bed.

3. Air Tight Container: If possible, use airtight containers for storing cereals and food. The tight containers will trap the fragrance of the food, and rats would hardly have luck at chewing the sturdy plastic.

4. Look for any cracks or holes: Check out the house for any cracks or holes that may allow the rats to enter the house. Sealing the cracks and holes would restrict their entry. Use steel wool or caulking to close any gap.

5. Pest Control: If rodents have previously attacked your home, it is highly advisable to have your house inspected by pest control personnel.

The best t remove rats are never to let them in. If you have already suspected their presence at home, don’t worry, it’s never too late. Call a trusted animal removal contractor so they can help you out right away.

How Do Animals Get Into My Home

So many residents are having animal problems every now and then. At times it gets difficult to get rid of all of them permanently and sometimes it also becomes very costly. But one may wonder how do animals get into my home in the first place? Is there any way to prevent them from coming in at all?

Since we are talking about wild animals, we know for a fact that they are not domesticated or trained at all. There is no way to control them and most of the time, we have no idea what to expect from them. Different kinds of critters have different ways of entering homes. Some of them are small enough to fit into cracks and crevices while others simply look for a way to get in. It gets even more damaging for your property if these critters would destroy parts of the structure just for them to get into your home.

How Do Animals Get Into My Home

Unless you live in a house with high concrete walls or narrow fences that are tall enough for critters not to squeeze themselves in, then it would be difficult to prevent them from getting into your property. If this is the case then it would be best if you would just make sure that they wouldn’t be able to go indoors. This is the least you can do to protect your family from illnesses and possible attacks from wild animals. Furthermore, once these critters get into your phone they can also damage your property.

So if you want these critters not to be attracted to your property at all, first of all, you should start cleaning up organizing the outdoor area. Make sure that all the garbage cans are covered and sealed tightly before you go to sleep at night and also make sure there are no places for these critters to take shelter or hide from you. Keep garage doors closed and your sheds locked as well.

To prevent them from getting indoors keep your doors shut and make sure that your windows are all closed tightly as well. Check screened areas whether there are any holes or damages that need fixing. Keeping critters away is not exactly the easiest thing to do especially if you live in an area where wild animals constantly wander about. But this doesn’t mean that you’re helpless as well. When you need help in detecting how these critters managed to get into your home or your property then get assistance from the pros in animal removal.

Animal Removal – When to Contact Professionals

Is there a wild animal in your property? You might be wondering about animal removal when to contact professionals. Is it time for you to call for help now? Some people would save this for later when they feel like they can wait for the animal to leave their property. But sometimes it becomes too late if they wait for too long. So is it time to call the pros yet?

Especially if you live in a place where it’s almost always warm and sunny, then you are probably seeing a lot of critters wandering about. If this is the case, you may have encountered some wild animals entering your property too. If this happens all too often, then you’re probably not considering calling for pros anymore as it can get quite costly.

Animal Removal When to Contact ProfessionalsHowever, if you want to know when to contact professionals for animal removal, it is that time when you see a wild animal in your property. Yes, these animals can leave eventually but you’re risking your family’s safety while waiting for them to go away. Furthermore, some of these wildlife bring diseases and viruses with them. That’s a very dangerous risk to take!

In addition, some animals may cause a lot of damage to property. This can become an even more expensive problem as damage repairs can get costly. Worse when animals like squirrels or rats chew on wirings and cause fires or huge electrical problems.

When you can animal removal professionals, whether or not an animal is still around, you can ask them for help to seal the possible points of entry. This way you can keep the critters out and your property safe from any kind of wild animal invasion. By doing so, you will always have peace of mind that your family and home is safe from damages and risks of wild animals.

Point Related To Animal Removal

Wild animals are called wild for a reason – they do not belong to places where humans reside. Doesn’t sound all that good? We are animal lovers too. However, we understand that some animals can cause a lot of damage to property and much more importantly, many of them can attack people causing injury and we’ve heard many situations where the situation ended with fatal results. So point related to animal removal, call pros to help you when you need to remove a wild animal from your property.

Sure there are so many diy methods you can find from the internet because a lot of people are sharing how they managed to get rid of a raccoon or a squirrel or some rats from their property. A little bit of glue or some cages they made might have been helpful in capturing the animal. But the problem here is that some of these diy methods are not humane at all. As people who love animals too and with respect to mother nature, we should at least capture and relocate animals in a humane manner.

So when you have some animal problems in your property, make sure that the removing process of the animal is done properly and safely both for you and the animal about to be removed. The best way to make sure of this is by calling professionals for help. Sure, sometimes it may cost you a few extra bucks but that amount is small compared to the peace of mind you can get when you know your family is safe from wild animals.

Anytime you need advice about animal removal or if you want to know more information, keep on following our animal removal blog because we will always be updating here. Again if you need service, look for the licensed animal removal contractor in your area!