Can a Fence Stop Wild Animals from Entering My Property?

fence wild animals

Preventing wild animals from entering the property can be challenging, irrespective of where your house is located. Fencing has proven to stop the wild animals give you chose the right size and type of fencing. For instance, lower fencing won’t help keep deer away from entering your yard. So here we are with a list of fencing you can choose to keep wild animals away.

1. Electric Fence: If bears and deers are a problem in your area, having an electric fence can add safety to your property. Attach a bait on the fence to allow the bear to explore the characteristic of the fence by touching and licking it. An un-baited electric fence can be dangerous for the bear. In case coyotes are the cause of worry in the neighborhood, add a fence mesh to the electric fence. Coyotes can jump over the fence, so have one electrified wire 8 inches of the ground and 6 to 8 inches from the mesh fence to discourage jumping.

2. Fence with Underground Barriers: Locality, where Raccoons and Opossums are quite common, should have fencing with underground barriers. Raccoons and Opossums can be discouraged from entering the property if you have fencing of 60X72 inches. Burying a horizontal apron of 24 inches can further discourage digging as a way to enter the property.

3. High Fencing: For wild animals like Woodchucks, you will need high fencing of 4 feet. Attaching an electrified wire on the top may further discourage them from entering the property.

Adding a fence is a great way of keeping wild animals away from the garden area and your property. However, this must be done carefully and with caution to ensure there will be no harm against animals entering your property. There are always ways for humane animal removal in case you need help. Some wild animals, such as bears, can be dangerous to you and your property. Contact a professional to help you install fences. Professionals can help you better protect your house and your family.