Are Raccoons Harmless?

are raccoons harmless

If you ever spot a raccoon around your home, you should know that your house and family health is in danger. The harm that a raccoon can cause on the house is not something widely known. Therefore, families fail to understand the urgency of getting the raccoon off their property. Read below to know as to how raccoons can damage your house and family health.

Raccoons may carry diseases and viruses: Just like other wild animals, raccoons carry diseases and germs that can be harmful to humans. Raccoon fleece may carry roundworms that may spread to your house. Roundworms may not harm you, but they can specifically harm your pet and plants. Besides, the urine of the raccoon contains Leptospirosis that may damage the human liver and kidney.

Raccoons can attack pets: If you have pets like dog and cat at home, you should be extra vigilant with raccoon presence as there have been cases of raccoon attacking the pets. Besides, a house with toddlers and infants should be alert, especially if they spot a raccoon around the house.

Raccoons are capable of destroying your property: A raccoon finds its abode in attics or basements. They can find a way in small spaces, build a nest, and cause damage to your home. They will urinate outside their nest and cause expensive damage to the inside of your home. Raccoons also love to dig for food and will dig up gardens in search of corn, peas, and other vegetables to eat. Protect your home and your property by having these animals removed from your house.

Raccoons are often spotted at night time as they are nocturnal. You may not locate them in the day time. If there is anything that hints at their presence, it is advisable to call for professional help before it is too late.

So anytime you spot a raccoon in your property, know that they aren’t as harmless as they seem. You must not also attempt to capture them on your own as they may attack without warning whenever they feel threatened. For professional assistance, make sure you’re reaching out to a licensed animal removal contractor that can help you capture and remove the raccoon.